Lately we have been looking back on some older design’s MP has had in his extensive back catalogue mainly due to some of our loyal customers revisiting some old favourites. MP always finds it pretty fun to look back on some previous designs then come up with new ways of bringing them into the current


Matt has been playing around with some painting techniques in his spare time for the last few months and posting the results on instagram with a lot of positive feed back. Matt is a bit of a star wars fan to say the least which has inspired him to create these art works. So we


Performance when you want it and speed when you need it” We wanted to create a board that has the perfect balance between rocker, outline, and volume to create one board to ride 90% of the time in everyday condition’s with a more simple approach. Enough rocker to throw down some heat but still flat


The x-wing series has been a long running evolution in our design stables and this latest edition will not disappoint. Continuing to blur the lines between performance and retro designs, The new XW-4 screams new school with an old school twist. The all round perfect slayer for summer. Now available to custom order so get


Just a quick update on the new XW-4 model due for release later this year. The initial feed back has been really positive with the fans of the x-wing series ,The instant glide on take off has been the main focus of this design and has exceeded all expectations with a few tweaks of the

Design Worx 2016-2017

Its been a very busy few months quietly working on new designs for the coming season so i just wanted to give  a little personal  update to what has been happening in the lab at MP Designs. The first board pictured is a new rocker concept that i have been developing for a while now

TRACKS BOARD TEST 2015 …….Garret Parkes testing our new dark star model  

The new X-RAY model

You want one board that goes good when the waves are average but still good when you get that day when the tide is right, the winds good and the swell starts pulsing along that trick little sand bank that’s formed at your local. The X-RAY has finally filled this ever elusive gap in your

The new DARKSTAR model release ….

The latest performance board offering from PENN that travels in a different direction from previous models with a focus on more rail drive and forgiveness compared to the RPM-X. By straightening the rocker rail lines through the tail combined with a double concave combination that enhances the balance between drive into your turn and recovery