Design Worx 2016-2017

IMG_0878Its been a very busy few months quietly working on new designs for the coming season so i just wanted to give  a little personal  update to what has been happening in the lab at MP Designs.

The first board pictured is a new rocker concept that i have been developing for a while now where the entry rocker when looking at the nose profile is by far the most flattest  curve that i have ever done in a short board which gives the board a naturally instant early planning speed but usually at a trade off that it wants to project itself out onto the face at a more parallel angle to the top part of the wave but by adding a little bit of curve in the mid section of the board it counter acts to free it up to get more square off the top. The main advantage the low entry brings is initial speed which is crucial in surfing fast  running beach breaks that can run away from you if you don’t have that initial quick entry speed , Balanced with the small amount of belly curve and a really late tail flip similar to the previous R-9 model which had that unique feel when you pressed hard on the tail where it would feel like it accelerate’s through your turn.

IMG_1019The next image is of a 5’9″ compressed version of the same file so the rocker is scaled to size using my design software then took one of my tried and true small wave outlines. After watching Mick at Jbay on his DHD channel bottom i was really inspired to make a performance small wave board for good little clean waves which i hope we get a bit of this coming season , Those little NE swells we get at my local beach is what gets me pumped for this board. The channels straighten out the rocker through the apex of the the tail curve so really push that water through quicker and by running the side channel right off the rail, locks the tail rail back in a bit to balance out the  wider tail area so adds a little more directional drive to the back end of the board . I am super excited with how both of these boards are developing and will post some more updates as they progress ……