MP has been busy putting the final tweaks on two new models we have coming out very soon.

The first one pictured below is the Magic Black model which we have already been producing as a custom design due to overwhelming interest when we posted a few pics of the prototype a few months back.

  • With the fuller area in the nose outline and the wide point pushed a little forward of centre gives it a way forgiving feel of the front foot a bit like an accelerator peddle to drive forward of your front foot then with a slightly drawn tail outline with a hint of round pin tail to it allows it to draw a solid turn on rail from your back foot so plenty of balance with this design between your font and back feet with little adjustment. Also a slightly refined rail similar to you your normal shorty so still lets the rail penetrate the water and bite to balance out the wider forward outline.
  • We are offering this model in two different dimension sizes as the versatility allows it to be either surfed as your all round short board if you like a bit of area up front  or small wave performer if you like to carve on rail on small days.


Magic Black in wide dimensions  5’9″ x 19 3/4 x 2 7/16  29.4 CL

Five fin set up so you can use on smaller days when you want to get some extra down the line speed .

P1110255 2

  • Deeper double concave through the fins
  • P1110248

Slightly pushed forward outline.




Round tail with  hint of rounded pin to it and Glass Lab quality seal

The second of the new models is the Zero2 with all the elements of the previous zero models with its low entry so planes like a dream but still has enough curve for quick direction changes in steeper sections.

The main differences come from single concave to vee off the the swallow tail which has made it real whippy in  tight small sections but with bite and drive from the swallow tail.


Zero2 model 5’10” X 19 1/2 X 2 3/8  28.4 CL

P1110257 2

Deep single concave to vee of swallow tail

P1110260 2

Wider outline

P1110262 2

P1110265 2Glass Lab quality seal