Founder of MATT PENN DESIGNS, Matt started out in a modest little factory on his own in the back streets of Dee Why at the tender age of 19yrs old trying to make a name for him self in the surfboard business. Whilst doing a host of ding repairs and amongst a few custom orders under his first company EPIC SURFBOARDS. MP was quietly building a reputation of someone with skills.

Following next with a move on to Mona Vale where he team up with a company called the Laminator where he had the opportunity to learn his craft from some of the best shapers around on the northern beaches at that time also honing his skills in all processes of surfboard manufacture becoming one of there main glassers and also building a relationship with Greg Webber and as a result became head production shaper for webber surfboards.

Then years later being approached by ONBOARD INDUSTRIES to be a part of INSIGHT SURFBOARDS where he quickly formed a relationship with world tour surfer  Kai Otton which lasted several years where they collaborated together with some great results taking down some big names along the way on Matt’s creations and as a result other touring pro surfers soon followed suit.

Now after nearly two decades of surfboard building under his belt MATT PENN DESIGNS has come full circle offering a full variety of designs for the modern generation as reflected in the range.

MP prides himself on superior quality delivered only from the kind of experience gained from working meticulously on every aspect of the board building process, which goes into every Matt Penn Designed surfboard.

From pro to Joe there is a board there to suit any skill level which MP has dedicated his working life to deliver under the feet of surfers world wide which continues to push his skill and  passion to build boards that are at the cutting edge of design.