Lately we have been looking back on some older design’s MP has had in his extensive back catalogue mainly due to some of our loyal customers revisiting some old favourites.

MP always finds it pretty fun to look back on some previous designs then come up with new ways of bringing them into the current age of board design. Also with the trend of using elements of design anywhere ¬†from the late 70’s to the mid to late 80’s we are really focusing on using these elements together with current rocker’s , Foil’s and concave’s to come up with a series of boards that are not only fun and super user friendly but are injected with performance dna that has been developed directly for our performance boards.

The one featured here was from one of MP’s single fin models dubbed the T-BIRD which he designed way back when there was the first resurrection of retro board around 2008.

The rocker and deck line stayed pretty much the same and the original but the rail shape is taken directly off one of our performance small wave model’s so it has a real modern feel when surfing rail to rail compared to a more traditional pinched rail.Deep double concave running through the vee bottom in the last third of the board livened it up with additional speed compared to a standard flat panel vee but probably the most significant change came with simply converting to a three fin set up.

This is just a small insight into what we are currently working on so stay tuned for more updates and other exciting projects….#speedwhenyouwantitperformancewhenyouneedit